Deutschtown Merchants Association

The purpose and objectives of Deutschtown Merchants Association are exclusively for the betterment of the Historic Deutschtown neighborhood through the improvement, development and attraction of desirable businesses in the principal business district of East Ohio Street and surrounding streets. This includes the following:

  • To encourage public safety – including seeking the enforcement of ordinances concerning “quality of life issues.” This includes the establishment of a relationship with zone one to report problems and seek solutions.
  • To market, promote and garner favorable public relations for the district.
  • To improve the physical appearance and texture of the business district including dealing with graffiti, trash, building appearances, building code violations, sidewalk selling, parking, noise, sidewalk condition, negative activities on East Ohio Street and in the nearby non-commercial areas.
  • To determine applicable zoning, nuisance and other enforcement levers and the appropriate governmental agencies for enforcement and to establish method of obtaining enforcement and communicate with agencies charged with enforcement.
  • The goals concerning physical appearance include controlling the bidding and letting of contracts (and supervision) for street cleaning, decorating, flowers and other activities designed for beautification. It also includes signage, flags, banners, historic markers and other “badging” appropriate to the historic neighborhood.
  • To cooperate with public, private and governmental agencies in the furtherance of its mission to endeavor to achieve the “vision statement” for the district adopted by the East Allegheny Community Council.